Boxed G-Paws Track device

G-Paws Track

G-Paws TRACK is an ultra lightweight (11g) robust GPS data recorder. So small and light any cat or dog will barely know it’s there. It records exactly where your pet goes and this information is uploaded onto your pet profile on G-Paws.com. Find out how far your cat wanders or just how fast your dog can run and share and compare with friends on G-Paws or other social networks.

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Dave & Yollo

"A university mate and me started G-Paws to find out what my cat got up to at night. From a rudimentary prototype we were gob smacked how far the not-so-little fur ball wandered and the rest – as they say – is history." View Yollo's adventures

Lisa & Beag

“Beag and I have been best mates since a cold February night in 2010 when she appeared on my windowsill. Pastimes include catching rabbits and keeping the dog in line – oh and thanks to G-Paws I now know she alsoHey Lisa - is a traveller!” View Beag's adventures

Julia & Cleo

“Cleo is a Hemingway cat with extra "thumbs". We call her our Killer queen as she is an excellent mouser but unfortunately brings her treasures home- always deposited or released on the same kitchen tile!” View Cleo's adventures

Thomas & Oscar

“I ride my mountain bike a lot, I love riding it. Oscar my Vislar also loves the tails and there’s not a berm or drop he wont tackle. Thanks to G-Paws we can now find out who went fastest as there is definitely a competitive streak in both of us.” View Thomas's adventures

G-Paws owner reviews

  • James

    one year ago

    I have working Gundogs and for me G-Paws is perfect. I can see their work patterns, speed and distance travelled all without a monthly subscription. The units are beautifully lightweight and waterproof (a must for our work!), uploads are simple and you can very quickly build up a really good history for training and exercise purposes. It’s amazing to see just how much ground a working dog covers in a day.

  • David Dickson BVetMed CertAVP(VC) MRCVS

    one year ago

    Just as for people, exercise is vital for dogs to stay healthy. A key part of a research project investigating the effects of exercise on dogs’ hearts uses the G-Paws units: the devices are light, easy to use and work fantastically well and I couldn’t do my research without them.

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