The world's first GPS recorder for your Pets.

G-PAWS is a lightweight, robust and weatherproof GPS recorder light enough (12g) to be worn by cats, dogs, and even ferrets.

Using an ultra-sensitive multi channel GPS receiver pet owners can now download the adventures their pets have been on whilst 'off the lead' or 'out on the tiles'.

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How g-paws works in 3 simple steps...

Step 1.

Plug the unit into any pc or laptop via the supplied USB cable. Charge for 4 hours.

Attach collar sleeve to your pets’ collar, either directly or using the Velcro tabs.

Step 2.

Once the unit is fully charged turn it on and clip it onto the collar.

For the first time we suggest you hold the unit outside with clear line of sight to get a GPS fix as it is regarded as a cold start.

As soon as the LED flashes blue the unit is working and has a GPS lock. Attach to pet collar…

Step 3.

To retrieve the data plug g-paws into your laptop or pc via the USB cable.

Click on the mapping page for further instructions to simply download the files onto your pet’s profile page.

Join the adventure.

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